Kenny's Learning Diamond:



Note, that the top of the diamond says "Play Effortlessly". That's a constant along with any two of the other points.  More info on playing effortlessly here:

I highly recommend this book!!!!

Now, about the rest of that diamond:

Play Fast > Play the Entire Example (have to give up "Play Perfectly")

Play Perfectly > Play the Entire Example (give up "Play Fast"... in other words, play it as slowly as needed to not make mistakes).

Play Fast > Play Perfectly (perhaps give up playing it all the way through, work on a small portion until fluent/perfect).

Here's a list of Trumpet Method Books I like to use:

  • Standard of Excellence - Bruce Pearson
  • Mitchell on Trumpet Books 1-4 - Harold "Pappy" Mitchell
  • First Book of Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet - Robert W. Getchell
  • Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet - JB Arban
  • Easy Jazz Conception -- Trumpet: 15 Solo Etudes for Jazz Phrasing, Interpretation, and Improvisation - Jim Snidero

For theory:

  • Standard Wirebound Manuscript Paper (Green Cover) - Hal Leonard
  • Berklee Music Theory

Good excersises for developing "over the barline" rhythmic phrasing:

Click here if you don't see the pdf below:



  • played bebop scale excersises (
  • worked on “United” arrangement a la Woody Shaw’s ”United” album's version ( - note the backgrounds at end of piano solo - used harmonic minor scale for the minor I-V7+9s
  • worked on cycle exercises (like these
  • worked on “Birk's Works” using the harmonic minor scale - note the interlude before first solo in this recording

Here are some exercises to help get proficient with the Dominant Bebop scale.

Here are some ideas for incorporating the all important VI chord in bar 8 of the 12 bar blues.  They also incorporate the ii-V7b9-I7, and a little blues scale.


Click here if you don't see the PDF below.