One more day in Buenos Aires. Today is our tenth. We've seen, tasted, smelled, heard, and otherwise felt grand and new sensations. It's difficult to classify the energy here. The words "loco," "intense," "perilous," "kaleidoscopic," "irresistible," and, "consuming," come to mind, thinking about the last ten days. Within the relatively small geographic area we've had the pleasure to explore, variety abounds. Each neighborhood has it's own flavor and history... I suppose similar to New York's boroughs. We're living in an apartment in the neighborhood called Recoleta.

Our apartment in Recoleta
It's an elegant neighborhood with tons of cafes , and parks. It's one of the safer neighborhoods to walk around. We've been so fortunate to have our own personal guide, and native Porteña, Josefina Mendez, setting up our living arrangements, helping us communicate with taxi drivers and waiters, and showing us each sight from a local's perspective. She also arranged several gigs for us, and sought out all the cool jazz spots and jam sessions. Our typical day starts around noon, and goes until two or three in the morning! June has done amazingly well hanging out with the musicians. Josefina's family has, predictably, fallen in love with June, who loves to communicate thru English, español, or charades, as needed.


I've learned tons playing with and listening to some fantastic musicians. The rhythmic intensity with which each tune is performed has, at times, left me reeling. Included among some of the fine players I've met and played with are:


Alvaro Torres, piano

Quintino Cinalli, Drums

Andrès  Pellican, Bass

Jorge Negro Gonzàles, Bass (and legendary owner of Jazz Y Pop club)

Pablo Motta, Bass

Gustavo Bergalli, Trumpet

Gabriel Santacchia, Saxophone

Abel Rogantini, Piano

Tomás Fraga, Guitar

Victor Sanders, Bass and Piano


and many others.


We hung out and played at:

Dain Usina, in Palermo

Jazz Y Pop


Biblioteca Cafe


We hope to return to BA in the very near future.