Good excersises for developing "over the barline" rhythmic phrasing:

Click here if you don't see the pdf below:


Here are some exercises to help get proficient with the Dominant Bebop scale.


  • played bebop scale excersises (
  • worked on “United” arrangement a la Woody Shaw’s ”United” album's version ( - note the backgrounds at end of piano solo - used harmonic minor scale for the minor I-V7+9s
  • worked on cycle exercises (like these
  • worked on “Birk's Works” using the harmonic minor scale - note the interlude before first solo in this recording

Check this out (learned this from Geoff Keezer.)


Here are some ideas for incorporating the all important VI chord in bar 8 of the 12 bar blues.  They also incorporate the ii-V7b9-I7, and a little blues scale.


Click here if you don't see the PDF below.