I don't usually do this on my music website, but, dang it, it's my website... I get to.  The subject begins with last night's election.

When I cast my vote, I resolved to cast away and release all the vitriol, anger, devisivness, and vulgarity that I let enter into my thinking during this election campaign.

I don't enjoy having to come to these judgements, especially given the warped information that is spewed through both the conservative and liberal media, and many suspect opinions offered on social media, but I vote anyway. It's my privilege and duty to vote.

I'm dissapointed in last night's outcome, and view it as a reflection of sickness, racism, and inequality evident in our society. I'll pray, though, for our leaders, and hope/believe for a good outcome. All that said, though I can only vote for president once every four years, I have the opportunity throughout every day to make good choices. My plan, going forward, includes gettng back to and living into the rhythm of my life's story. It's my goal to keep that rhythm offset and syncopated, not lock-step or march-like. I want to get better at doing things like: giving food to the hungry, providing clothing to the naked, and looking after orphans and widows, all in the Spirit of love, joy, peace, forebearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Of course, I can't hope to acheive those goals without some serious help. I look to and invite God's Holy Spirit and His Son Jesus's help, made fresh, warm, and comforting each day.