I read this today, and it resonated:

"Everything relates to life.  Some musicians feel so personal about their contributions that they cut off the rest of the world to concentrate exclusively on their thing.  I don't indulge in music to the extent that it destroy's my interest in other things.  With me, music is still my hobby."

That was Wes Montgomery.  As accomplished and successful as he was, he still sought a humble balance.

When Josefina asked me if I was thinking about making a CD, I responded that once in a while I do, but mostly I'm satisfied being able to play some music after dinner each night.  That's what music has been for me since I was a child:

dad tim piano

Certainly, I'm plagued, at times with how much better a musician I might have been had I "gone all in," and dedicated more of my life that direction.  Mostly, I'm thankful to my Lord Jesus that I get to indulge in such an enjoyable pastime with high level musicians and friends like Josefina Méndez, Mark Johnson, Mike Facey, Chris Bank, Bob Levey, Artt Frank, Tim Emmons, Sean Flanningan, Darin Kamstra, Tim Bell, Jim Yorgan, Mick Heberling, Walter Gorra, Chris Goplerud, Walt Smith, Mark Gray, Rob Labig, Dave Poulsen, Tom Merideth, (and everyone in the UW Parkside Reunion band) and too many more for disk space to allow!